Hottie Gets a Job!

As some of you know, there is not a lazy bone in Hottie’s hot body. Matter of fact, he makes the rest of us mere humans look pathetically lazy. So, when he told me last year that he wanted to start his own lawn business, what was a girl to say except “Go for it!” I knew that regardless of what I said, Hottie’s idea was already fully formed, he’d already planned it all out, and was now, not asking for permission, but merely letting me know that he was about to start another project that he would make a success.

When we moved into the house, Hottie told me he was a handyman. Now, a lot of guys says this and don’t mean it. Shortly after we moved in, Hottie said that he was going to put in a workshop in the garage. He spent a couple of weeks planning it out, drawing up plans, and measuring the wall. I thought he was all talk and no action. Little did I know. I left on a business trip on Monday and came home on Friday to a new garage. Along the left wall, he’d built a wooden shelf, with drawers underneath, and hung cabinets on the wall where his tools and machinery were already in place. Wow! I thought, He’s handy! And the workmanship of the space was easily on par with a professional’s. Friends have wanted to hire him to do a workshop in their garages. And when he built my arbor/pergola with my flagstone patio underneath, their faces turned green with envy, little horns grew out of their heads, and they prayed that their men would magically turn handy like Hottie.

So, when he told me that he wanted to start a business, I knew he would take the time to do it right. And he did. He did research online, registered his business’s name with the state, bought a trailer and equipment, invoice software, and any other trappings of a business that he could think of. Then he started passing out his business cards.

And today, he got his first customer! Whoo-hoo! Bring home the bacon, Hottie!

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