Beau Games

Most mornings Beau follows me around the house while I’m getting ready for work. He’ll inevitably walk in front of me, almost cause me to trip and I’ll yell, “Beau! Get out of my way!”

But there are quite a few games that we also like to play with Beau. Mostly for our own amusement. This morning was no exception.

Beau sits right outside of the door of our bathroom while I’m putting on my makeup and blow drying my hair. Sometimes he lies within inches of my feet, and I have to be careful not to step on him. We haven’t been able to play this morning game in quite a while because Hottie and Little Man are usually sleeping. This morning, however, everyone was up and the boys were chilling on the bed while I was blow drying my hair.

Beau came and sat by the door of the bathroom and stared at me. I could hear the boys chattering in the master bedroom. I moved the hairdryer over my hair and looked at Beau out of the corner of my eye.

Suddenly, I jerked and aimed the blow dryer right at Beau’s face and lunged at him. He turned, moving his little legs so fast that his body was trying to move while his butt was still sitting along the wall! He took off running across the bedroom and turned and barked at the hairdryer.

Hottie and I died laughing. Little Man sat and looked big-eyed around the room, uncertain what was so funny.

I was still laughing moments later when I went back to blow drying my hair, and Beau came trotting back up to sit in his spot again. Mind you, I’m standing there in my underwear because I haven’t dressed yet when I call to Hottie, “Watch this! I’m going to do it again!”

Confirming that Beau is still sitting there, I turned and lunged at him again.

He took off running. And my foot caught on a towel on the floor, my head slammed into the bathroom door, and my knee and elbow caught my fall on the floor.

Beau turned around in the middle of the bedroom and looked at me like, what the hell are you doing on the floor in your underwear?

I don’t know who laughed harder – me or Hottie.

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