I almost always forget that English is not Hottie’s first language. Sometimes, I’ll get reminded of that fact when I’m least suspecting it as in the case below.

My phone at work rang.
Me: Hello? (Not the way I answer the phone at work, but you get the point.)

Hottie: You won’t believe what those fuckers said to me!

Me: Who?

Hottie: Those assholes said that I dawdle! I don’t fucking dawdle! I work my ass off around here.

Hottie was ranting at full speed when I caught his last sentence.

Me: Uh, babe?

Hottie: I can’t believe they fucking said that! I’m one of the hardest workers on this entire team!

Me: Babe, uh, what do you think that dawdling means?

There was a long pause.

Hottie: Well, what do you think it means?

Me: You know. To pussy-foot around, to take your time with something, drag your feet, you know, dawdle.

An even longer pause.

Hottie: Oh. Well, I do do that.

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