Hottie wants to enter Little Man in a beauty contest. Yes, you read that right. The DADDY wants to enter the baby in the contest.

He calls me up at work one day and tells me that he’s found this web site and we could enter in a picture of Cole and win a lot of money if he wins the grand prize. $25,000.

I’m thinking someone told him about the site or someone he knows has entered in their child as well and that’s why he wants to do it. Nope, that’s not why he wants to enter.

Everyone keeps telling him, the way that people do when they see a picture, “wow, what a cute baby!”, “that baby is so pretty”, “he sure is going to get lots of girls when he gets older!” So, Hottie, hearing all this, goes online, finds a beauty contest and now wants to enter Little Man into the contest.

Now, don’t forget, that Hottie also knows that Little Man looks just like him.

Did I mention the grand prize is $25,000?

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