Foot in Mouth

A couple of weeks ago I bought some new software called Photoshop which enables you to doctor photos, enhance them, and create some special effects. I’ve been anxious to try out this new software and test it out with some pictures of Little Man, but like so many things, time has gotten away from me.

Well, on my way home from work today I was thinking about how I want to take a good picture of me and put it on the header of this blog. I thought to myself, I’ll have to get Hottie to take some pictures of me.

Well, the following conversation took place when I got home and I hope you see the humor in it like I do. Made me laugh hysterically, especially when he had no idea what he said and asked me, what’s so funny?

Me: Babe, I want to take some really nice pictures of me and put them on my blog. You know, maybe up in the corner or something, on the header section?

Hottie: Yeah.

Me: A close up of my face, but I want to look really pretty.

Hottie: We’ll have to use the Photoshop that you bought.

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