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The weather this weekend was spectacular. Neither hot nor cold, the perfect temperature to open the windows and the doors allowing the breeze to drift through the house and sweeping in the fresh scent. I love this type of weather, where it’s neither summer nor winter, but the time right in between, be it spring or fall.

Hottie worked his early morning shift this weekend and was home by early afternoon. We spent the afternoons driving around and looking at houses. You know, the type that we can’t afford. It’s fun to walk through them and see all the potential if only we were rich.

I’ve decided that I want a camera. I’ve wanted one for a couple of years, one of the really nice ones that you can manually zoom in on the subject of the picture and snap an eyelash up close if I wanted to. These cameras aren’t cheap. I look at Little Man and worry that I’m not taking enough pictures, not capturing all of the moments that I need to in order to remember the little things that he does when he’s the age that he is now. How he scrunches up his entire face when the sun shines on him, how his tongue seems to be a separate part of his body and constantly sticks out, his chubby little cheeks. I want the camera to capture everything that my memory might one day forget.

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