6 Months


This sweet boy has had a very busy couple of days.

He turned six months old on Sunday, December 6th.



We put Little Man in his new highchair that we’ve only used once. The plastic on the seat makes him sweat profusely, so we don’t use it on a consistent basis being that he’s so hot natured.  But now that he’s 6 months, and has started eating with the big kids, it’s time to upgrade the seating arrangements.



For his 6th month birthday, we celebrated by introducing him to some tasty rice cereal.

He didn’t like it. Not the first time we gave it to him and not the second time that we gave it to him. The third time was the charm. Maybe it helped that it was Daddy that gave it to him the third time. He’s a bit of a Daddy’s boy at the moment and wants to be wherever Daddy is and doing whatever Daddy is doing.



He also got his vaccinations today along with two flu shots. He cried. He felt like we had betrayed him. For about 5 seconds. And then he forgot about it.

He also has a little tooth that has peaked through his lower gums. Before too long he’ll be grinning a charming toothy grin at us and no gummy grin anymore. I’ll miss the gummy grin.

In the mean time?



He’s tuckered out.

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