No Crawling Allowed

I don’t want Little Man to crawl. There. I’ve admitted it. Today, he’ll start crawling and the next thing you know, he’ll be walking, then running away from me, then telling me to get out of his room, then moving out and going to college. No, I definitely don’t want him to be crawling yet. He’s too young. He needs to grow up a little bit first.

Besides, I haven’t even baby proofed my house.

I haven’t had my carpets cleaned.

Or plugged up all of my outlets.

I haven’t picked up all of the items off the floor. Like shoes.

Or Beau’s chew toys.

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  1. mom says:

    yew!!!!!!! I know who’s toy that is and I’m surprised he actually let Cole near it! Better get busy Kimber (along with working, grocery shopping, cleaning, and writing)and get all those baby-proof things done.

    My goodness! Those legs are chubby! Is he pulling himself upright? I’m so glad you’re dad gave him that toy!

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