Pulling Up

Little Man has a couple of new skills that he likes to show off every chance he gets. One of them is sticking his tongue out and making farting noises. He finds this very humorous and does it constantly. To win a sure laugh all one has to do is the same thing and he giggles uproariously. Like we’re the best comics in the whole world.

Another skill that he has been doing for a while now is pulling himself up. Matter of fact, just the other night around 11:30 at night, I had laid him down in his crib, wide awake, in the hopes that he would go to sleep. He’s been on a party animal kick lately and wants to party all night long and sleep late. Well, I listened to him on the monitor, giggling, chatting with himself, and then squealing in delight.

“Babe,” I said to Hottie, “you need to go check on him. He’s up to no good.”

Hottie traipsed in there and within seconds, I heard, “KIM! Come in here, quick!”

I sprinted for Little Man’s room, found it dark, and turned on the hall light, and entered.

Hottie was holding Little Man’s bottom, and upon seeing me, Little Man squealed in delight and grinned at me. Look, Mom, look what I did! He was standing up in his crib, in the corner, holding on to the sides of the crib. It wasn’t the fact that he had pulled himself up that Hottie had screamed at me and I’d gone running in there. Nope. It was the fact that we hadn’t lowered the mattress in his crib yet, and the railing of his crib came to his waist. And he was leaning over in excitement. Way over.

We lowered the mattress right then and there, much to Little Man’s disappointment.  Sometimes, as parents, we have to do things for their own good in order to protect them, even if they don’t like it.

I’ve captured some pictures of him pulling himself up. I still need to capture his face when he’s squealing. It’s the happiest little face you’ll ever see.

 He spots his target and plans his moves.

 He reaches out and executes move #1.

 Gets his feets under him, move #2.

 Pulls up and comes to a full stand, move #3.


Checks Mom out to make sure she’s watching, move #4. Woo-hoo! He did it!

And, yes, we know that he has an obscene amount of toys. In our defense, we’ve only bought two or three. The rest is family spoiling him rotten!

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