The Table

Hottie and I have been eyeing a dining room table at Sam’s Club for a while now. As with anything we fall in love with at Sam’s, we’ve found if we don’t buy it when we see it, then it’s gone by the time we get around to going to the store to make the purchase. That’s because a lot of items at Sam’s are seasonal items. As my mom says, if you like it, then buy it when you see it!

Well, knowing all of this, Hottie and I were still biding our time. Hottie called me at work.

“Babe,” he tells me, “I’m looking at their website and the table’s not there anymore.”

“Great. I knew it. We should have bought it already, babe.”

Two days later, I walked through my front door and found a large garbage can in the hallway. And when I say large, I mean a huge, industrial size garbage can, city issued, with cardboard overflowing out of it.

I round the corner and I see Hottie putting together this.

He had called the local store, which only had two left – the floor model and one other, packed up Little Man, went and bought it, and was in the process of putting it together to surprise me.


We fell in love with the curve of the legs.


The colors of the legs. The rich black.


The contrast of the top of the table against the black legs. The grain of the wood.

And the fact that it seats eight. 8. EIGHT!

Have I mentioned yet that I love my new dining room table?

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