Let’s Talk Car Seats

There are some things that never occur to you until you have a child. Today, let’s talk car seats.

There are three major kinds of car seats – an infant seat that you can carry the baby around in and it’s portable, an infant seat that stays in the car and turns around and converts to a toddler seat, and then the three in one seat that’s a toddler seat, young child seat and then a booster seat when they get older, but can not face backwards.

We got the portable infant seat when Cole was a baby and my dad got us the larger seat that converts to a toddler seat for when he outgrows the infant seat.

What they don’t tell you: after about the fourth month, that portable infant seat is HEAVY. And around the nine month mark when you’re thinking about moving him into the larger seat you realize that the three in one that you want to buy doesn’t face backwards, so you’ll eventually also have to buy the booster seats separately.

And if you’re like us, the infant/toddler seat is large enough that it’s not portable. So, in other words, you need two of them – one for mom’s car and one for dad’s car. And, again if you’re like us, you have a babysitter that has to get around during the day as well, so she needs one too. So, that’s three infant/toddler seats, plus the booster seats that we’ll eventually have to buy, plus the infant seat that we already have.

When it’s all said and done, about $700 for car seats for one child.

I really feel for my two friends that are pregnant with twins.

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