The Closet – Part I

I mentioned a while back that Hottie was starting to redo our closet.

 Our old closet consisted of the wire shelves that are found in a lot of new homes that the builders install because they’re cheap and easy to install.


 They also break easily and tear holes in the walls when they fall down.  And then there is all of that wasted space between the top shelf and the ceiling that isn’t utilized.


Clothing was shoved into every available crevice. It bulged out and made the closet seem very small even though it wasn’t. There wasn’t enough room to hang everything, so we had to use the top shelf to stack some shoe boxes and other items.


The clothes were the first thing that we removed from the closet. And for lack of a better place to put them, we stacked them in our room.


And stacked them. For over a month, they took up space and made us resemble hoarders.

It was more difficult that Hottie had expected for one reason only. He had a little helper who wanted to be part of the action.

And sometimes? He didn’t want to be a helper on the project. And that’s why it took longer than Hottie anticipated.

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