Weight Pressure

After giving birth to Little Man, I lost the weight rather easily. Disgusting, I know. Matter of fact, by the time he was four months old I looked better than I had prior to pregnancy.  I like to call that the miracle of breastfeeding.

It’s only when I stopped nursing that I ran into problems. Right around the time that I reduced nursing to twice a day – morning and night, Hottie started¬†Body For Life. Over the next 90 days, he lost over 25 pounds and gained solid muscle and a shape that I didn’t realize I missed from our early days of dating. His workout buddy, Jeff, lost more than 40 pounds.

While he was losing, I was gaining. You see, while nursing my appetite was enormous. About twice that of when I was pregnant. Or three times. So, when I cut back on nursing, my body when into starvation mode and starting hoardng all of the fat cells. Damn fat cells. They’re always causing problems.

I’m now at the point where I can’t even fit into my summer clothes from last summer that I was able to wear after Little Man was born. Horrifying. At least to me it is.

So, I’ve gotten on a health kick and am trying to eat smaller meals like Hottie and I’ve already noticed a difference. We’ve bought a ton of healthy eating supplies and stocked our pantry.

Then we took Little Man to his one year doctor’s appointment. He hadn’t gained any weight at all from his nine month appointment. Hadn’t grown at all either. I wasn’t too surprised by this as he is much more active now, but he dropped from 75% to less than 3% as compared to other babies his age. He’s now a possible “failure to thrive.” Which could mean any number of things, but mostly, to start, it means we have to seriously up his calorie intake.

So, while Hottie and I are trying to eat healthy, low calorie meals, we have to serve high calorie meals to Little Man.

One of the many joys of parenting – serving more than one meal to make sure that your family is all well fed.

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