I was driving to work shortly after the New Years thinking of my past resolutions.  Yes, I actually make New Year’s resolutions.  And even odder – I keep them. One year I decided to give up all soda for an entire year just to see if I could do it. Anyone who knows what a horrible Dr Pepper addict I am was very surprised and doubted my success. Come January 1st, though, and there I stood with a Dr Pepper in hand, ready to take a swig after a year long drought. Hottie worried that I would be too busy gulping it down to kiss him, but I managed to do both somehow. I think I may have kissed him first. Maybe.

Anyway, this year I kept it simple. I decided I was going to write every single day for 2011, a minimum of 100 words on my work in progress. I’ve kept that pledge so far and it’s been easier than I’d thought it  would be.

On this day to work, however, I contemplated my relationship with Hottie. With the demands of work and being parents, maintaining the house, and all the other myriad of details in day to day living, I couldn’t remember the last time we’d taken the time to actually try and romance each other. And I’m not talking about the horizontal tango here, people. I’m talking the romance that couples do when they first start dating – surprising one another with post-it notes all over the house, a surprise dinner with candlelight, simple little things that remind each other that you’re important to each other. That he matters. That we matter.

So, I resolved to add some more romance in 2011. You’ll hear all about my hilarious first attempt with my next post.

Add some romance into your lives this year. You’ll both be grateful for it.

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