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Loving the Outdoors

Little Man’s walking everywhere now. I hate it. He’s not minding me when I tell him he’s not allowed to walk anywhere. Just like he didn’t mind his mama when I told him he wasn’t allowed to crawl anywhere. I’m … Continue reading

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Yes, We’re THOSE Parents Now.

I met Hottie and Little Man today for lunch at Sam’s Club. They arrived moments after me. I got Little Man out of his daddy’s truck. He was so excited to see me and tried to share his cheese puff … Continue reading

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Weight Pressure

After giving birth to Little Man, I lost the weight rather easily. Disgusting, I know. Matter of fact, by the time he was four months old I looked better than I had prior to pregnancy.  I like to call that … Continue reading

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Half Done

So Hottie and I were chatting away, snuggled up in bed. I propped up my head with my hand so I could look in his eyes while I lectured him when I noticed the most interesting thing. “Babe -” I … Continue reading

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Fun Times with Grannie

It was Little Man’s first trip to Grannie and Pa’s house. Grannie had been down to visit quite a bit, but this was our first opportunity to visit them as a family. Grannie and Pa took us out to eat … Continue reading

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To Grannie’s House We Go…

We just recently took our first vacation this year and what better way to spend it than by going to my mom’s? Once you get out of Texas, the trees get bigger and taller. In Texas, the trees are rather … Continue reading

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I’ve Caught the Wind

So much has been happening lately that blogging has slipped by the wayside. My apologies to my readers, or reader as I should say (Hi Mom!). We took a road trip to visit Grannie and Pa and had a marvelous … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I’m really lucky that I have you for a mother. Brian and I both agree that there isn’t one better! That being said, why didn’t you ever tell me that Mother’s Days are like having another … Continue reading

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The Toothbrush

Little Man is getting bigger. He now has two more teeth.  Not the front two middle ones, oh no, not my boy! His two other teeth are his incisors peaking through his gums. And oddly enough, the Tongue that we … Continue reading

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Time is such a crazy thing, isn’t it? When you’re a child, it seems like there is way too much of it and it passes too slowly. And then as you age, it speeds up to such speeds that you … Continue reading

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