Loving the Outdoors

Little Man’s walking everywhere now. I hate it. He’s not minding me when I tell him he’s not allowed to walk anywhere. Just like he didn’t mind his mama when I told him he wasn’t allowed to crawl anywhere. I’m noticing a trend. I don’t like it.


He just walks around like he owns the place. He especially loves being outside.


Being outside makes him happy. He can see the birds. He can see the cars go by. He can watch Beau potty in the neighbor’s yards.


Yes, being outside makes Little Man happy. Even though it’s a gazillion degrees outside. And when Little Man is happy, his mama is happy.

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Yes, We’re THOSE Parents Now.

I met Hottie and Little Man today for lunch at Sam’s Club. They arrived moments after me. I got Little Man out of his daddy’s truck. He was so excited to see me and tried to share his cheese puff with me. I had to decline. My hips wouldn’t have thanked me. Hottie got the cart and I place Little Man in it as we walked towards the entrance.

And then it happened. All hell broke loose. My son became possessed.

He screamed, threw his body back against the metal seat of the cart, face crumpled up, and cried.

We entered Sam’s Club that way, thinking he would stop his hissy fit at any moment. Instead, he was just getting started. People’s heads turned as they looked at us, checking, I’m sure, to make sure that we weren’t torturing our child right in the middle of the store.

I got in line for the pizza, and Hottie pulled Little Man out of the cart. After all, if that’s what pissed him off so much, then surely he would stop now. Right? Wrong. Hottie had to walk to the corner where the restrooms were located and sit on a bench. I could hear Little Man screaming from across the store.

Sympathetic parents throughout the store gave us looks. And then the conversations started.

“I remember those days.” One woman two places up in line told me. “Was it because you put his shoe back on him?” Little Man’s shoe had fallen off when Hottie pulled him from the cart and I’d placed it back on his foot.

“Nope,” I told her, “it started before that. He got mad that we put him in the cart. Now, he’s worked himself completely up.”

“Oh. I was going to say, just to leave his shoe off then.”

“I thought it was because his shoe came off.” The man directly in front of me said. “My son has this thing where when his shoes come off, he screams. He can’t stand it for some reason. I took him shoe shopping yesterday and that’s all I heard. Him screaming.”

I glanced over to where Little Man was screaming as Hottie sat on a bench. Little Man threw himself down onto the cement floor, full blown hissy fit. Hottie reached down and picked him up. It was my turn  in line, but I could hear Little Man get quiet. I wasn’t sure that was a good thing at this point.

Less than five minutes later, they joined me at the table. Little Man once again a happy camper wanting to share my pizza slice with me.

Less than fifteen minutes later, he was screaming in the store again because I wouldn’t let him dig through my purse.

Yes, we’re the parents with the screaming child in aisle four. Suck it, people. And keep your pithy comments and your sympathetic stares and little smiles to yourself. They do nothing but remind me that my child is screaming his head off. And I don’t need any further reminders. I can hear him perfectly fine, thank you.

It could be worse though. He could be arguing with his sister in the produce aisle over who gets to push the cart and then the entire cart tumbles over and empties out right there next to the frozen dinners. Not that I’d know anything about that. Right, mom?

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Weight Pressure

After giving birth to Little Man, I lost the weight rather easily. Disgusting, I know. Matter of fact, by the time he was four months old I looked better than I had prior to pregnancy.  I like to call that the miracle of breastfeeding.

It’s only when I stopped nursing that I ran into problems. Right around the time that I reduced nursing to twice a day – morning and night, Hottie started Body For Life. Over the next 90 days, he lost over 25 pounds and gained solid muscle and a shape that I didn’t realize I missed from our early days of dating. His workout buddy, Jeff, lost more than 40 pounds.

While he was losing, I was gaining. You see, while nursing my appetite was enormous. About twice that of when I was pregnant. Or three times. So, when I cut back on nursing, my body when into starvation mode and starting hoardng all of the fat cells. Damn fat cells. They’re always causing problems.

I’m now at the point where I can’t even fit into my summer clothes from last summer that I was able to wear after Little Man was born. Horrifying. At least to me it is.

So, I’ve gotten on a health kick and am trying to eat smaller meals like Hottie and I’ve already noticed a difference. We’ve bought a ton of healthy eating supplies and stocked our pantry.

Then we took Little Man to his one year doctor’s appointment. He hadn’t gained any weight at all from his nine month appointment. Hadn’t grown at all either. I wasn’t too surprised by this as he is much more active now, but he dropped from 75% to less than 3% as compared to other babies his age. He’s now a possible “failure to thrive.” Which could mean any number of things, but mostly, to start, it means we have to seriously up his calorie intake.

So, while Hottie and I are trying to eat healthy, low calorie meals, we have to serve high calorie meals to Little Man.

One of the many joys of parenting – serving more than one meal to make sure that your family is all well fed.

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Half Done

So Hottie and I were chatting away, snuggled up in bed. I propped up my head with my hand so I could look in his eyes while I lectured him when I noticed the most interesting thing.

“Babe -” I couldn’t help it. I started laughing. I couldn’t even get the words out.

He ran his hand over his pecs, self-conscious. “Stop. The battery ran out.”

I rolled back against the pillows worried I’d wake Little Man with my laughing. I attempted to muffle the sounds into a pillow. Finally, I looked over at him to assess the damage.

One side of his chest was perfectly trimmed.

And the other side? Wasn’t.

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Fun Times with Grannie

It was Little Man’s first trip to Grannie and Pa’s house. Grannie had been down to visit quite a bit, but this was our first opportunity to visit them as a family.

Grannie and Pa took us out to eat for breakfast and we sat and looked out over the boats. They spoiled Little Man rotten.


That’s my Mom.  Ain’t she purty?


She had a little wagon that she used to wheel Little Man around. He loved it. He thought he was so cool.


Bluebonnets were in full bloom when we left Texas and we missed out on the opportunity to get some pictures of our boys sitting in the bluebonnets. In Tennessee, these yellow flowers were everywhere. Weeds, my mother called them. But that didn’t stop us from walking out into the field, plopping Little Man down and making Beau sit next to him to try and get some decent pictures. 2,541,327 pictures later, this is about the only decent picture I have of the two of them as they were both too excited to sit still.

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To Grannie’s House We Go…

We just recently took our first vacation this year and what better way to spend it than by going to my mom’s?

Once you get out of Texas, the trees get bigger and taller. In Texas, the trees are rather short mushrooms as they’re mostly Oaks.


This is at at state park. Isn’t it beautiful?


On a walk down to the river, I couldn’t help but admire the trees. So tall, so proud, full of the fresh green of spring.


With a ray of light shining through.

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I’ve Caught the Wind

So much has been happening lately that blogging has slipped by the wayside. My apologies to my readers, or reader as I should say (Hi Mom!).

We took a road trip to visit Grannie and Pa and had a marvelous time. I’ll update with some pictures as soon as I have the time to upload all of them to the site. It takes some time due to my large file size, and patience has never been my strong suit.

As many of you may know, I’m a writer. I completed my first manuscript over ten years ago now and let who-knows-what distract me from continuing on with writing more. So, I took a break and now I’m back at it. I’ve been working diligently since the beginning of the year, and I’m not going to lie to you, it’s been a struggle. With my last manuscript and the two others I started right after I finished that one, writing was so easy for me. Sitting down to write ten pages? No problem! I was doing that daily and in some cases under an hour. The words were just there and poured out of me.

But as with any habit, just like working out for instance, when you neglect it, your muscles start to atrophy. My writing muscle is now incredibly weak. Writing this blog uses a completely different writing muscle, so it doesn’t count in my opinion. My fiction writing muscle? It’s now a shriveled up weak little thing that can barely move. Forcing it to work again has been a struggle for the both of us.

But I’ve caught the wind now.

I knew that sooner or later it would hit, and approaching page seventy, it finally has. The story is there just within my grasp, the words flowing easily, the characters finally becoming vivid and alive.

And the story? Finally flying onto the pages.

Let’s hope the momentum continues!

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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I’m really lucky that I have you for a mother. Brian and I both agree that there isn’t one better!

That being said, why didn’t you ever tell me that Mother’s Days are like having another birthday in the same year? I mean I know you get gifts and what have you, but I felt special the entire day. Like I had joined some new exclusive club and was receiving privileges that I never even knew were available before.

I had told Hottie that I wanted homemade Mother’s Day cards from Little Man every year. I only mentioned once and in passing, so I didn’t expect him to come through for me. But, man, did he come through for me. Spoiled me rotten, he did. Ruined me for all other men. Well, he did that years ago, but let’s not tell him that. He’ll get a big head.

Little Man and I were coming back from visiting my grandmother for Mother’s Day, and Hottie got to the house right before we did. He had to work that morning. Coming into the house, I saw a rose petal on the floor in the entry way, and my first thought – for God’s sake, I just cleaned and there’s already trash on the floor? – wasn’t very flattering.

Coming around the corner, I saw this:

A homemade card, a jewelry box, and scattered rose petals.


He went to…oh, wait, you already know. Inside the jewelry box, was a bracelet. A Pandora bracelet.


There were charms with the initials of Little Man’s name, along with a chubby little boy representing Little Man. Separators kept the charms from sliding all over the bracelet and had little blue stones in them for a little boy. The idea is to collect mementos for significant events.


And then there was the excited crayola scribbles of a little eleven month old boy who couldn’t wait to show his mom his appreciation on their first Mother’s Day. Don’t you just love it?

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The Toothbrush

Little Man is getting bigger. He now has two more teeth.  Not the front two middle ones, oh no, not my boy! His two other teeth are his incisors peaking through his gums. And oddly enough, the Tongue that we had thought had finally figured out how to stay put in his mouth has made another appearance as Gene Simmons.


So, Little Man got his first toothbrush today. At first, he didn’t know what to do with it. He just wanted to stare at it and wave it around. So, I had to take the toothbrush away from him, rub it on my teeth, and show him. He got mad that I took it away, and howled. Once he saw what I was doing, I handed it back to him and he promptly stuck it in his mouth.


He moved it around, rubbed it on his tongue. The Gene Simmons wannabe.


At that point, he started looking like a professional tooth-brusher. Angle of the brush just so, pinkie finger up on display.


And then he got a little distracted and wanted to yank on the shower curtain. And imitate Gene Simmons again.


And then we played the game that we play when he wants to imitate Gene Simmons. I’m gonna get that tongue, I’m gonna get it, I tell him. And he leans forward, holds himself real still with his tongue sticking out, and I pinch his tongue. He giggles.

There’s nothing better than my baby’s giggle. It rocks my world.

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Time is such a crazy thing, isn’t it? When you’re a child, it seems like there is way too much of it and it passes too slowly. And then as you age, it speeds up to such speeds that you lose entire days and weeks and don’t even know what the hell you did, let alone what you wore on those days.

I’ve been incredibly busy the last couple of weeks. What was I doing, you ask? The hell if I know. I can’t remember. Another flaw of getting older. All I know is that I was busy. Very, very busy.  Otherwise I would have been updating my blog every moment of every second. Right? Right.

Spring has come and it’s a glorious thing. We’ve been enjoying the weather, taking a spin around the neighborhood, planting flowers.

I’ve been thinking about this.


And this.


And this.

What have I been doing?

Enjoying myself. Hopefully you’re doing the same.

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