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Why I’m Not a Doctor

We went in for our sonogram on Wednesday morning. I settled on the table as the technician got everything ready. “I couldn’t find our CD anywhere in our house, so I’ll need to go ahead and purchase a new one.” … Continue reading

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Baby Update

We’re now meeting with the doctor once a week. We met with her yesterday and she advised that we’ll have a sonogram on our next visit next week. As some of you who have seen me are aware, Kiddo is … Continue reading

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From Beau

This is the life. Dad snapped this photo when he didn’t think I was looking. I had an eye on him, though, and was watching him out of the corner of my eye while he snuck up on me. Jumped … Continue reading

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Check out me and a couple of my college friends at my shower. Baby showers. Not my thing. Matter of fact, I’ve always hated baby showers. Thought they were boring, a waste of time, and couldn’t wait until the time … Continue reading

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Some people have a harder time letting go of the past than others. Matter of fact, they dwell on it, obsess about it, and totally lose focus of the things that matter that are right in front of them. They … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts about Pregnancy

.My breasts laying (yes, people, LAYING) on the top of my stomach! Why the hell didn’t anyone ever tell me that happens? My ankles and calves becoming cankles. And oddly enough, not hurting even though they’re humongous! Nipples the size … Continue reading

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Comments about My Pregnancy

“How did this happen?” – Hottie’s daughter “Are you guys going to get married?” – multiple people “You’re not showing hardly at all.” – multiple people early in the pregnancy “Kim ran out there like she was going to help, … Continue reading

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