A Reasoning Man

I was half asleep, keeping my eyes closed in the event that Hottie would expect me to get up and get the baby. I figured if I shut them for a few minutes more, he’d do it. Sure enough, like the good daddy he is, he hopped up, went over to Cole and started changing him.

I peeked my eyes open and watched my boys. A new favorite past time that brings a smile to my face when I watch them together. Father and son interacting. This morning (or was in the middle of the night?), there was a one sided conversation to go along with the show.

“Now, son, there’s no reason for this.” I watched as he quickly grabbed another diaper. “You can’t keep pottying right in the middle of being changed. We’re wasting diapers here, kiddo. From now on, do your business before I change you, not during. I don’t want to tell you again.”

Cole just regarded his daddy with the steely gray stare that accompanies all infants. While daddy may feel better trying to reason with a newborn, I saw no point. He may have just joined our world, but we’re not the ones in charge here.

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