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Conversations with Cole

We gave Cole a bath last night and Hottie was talking to him and Cole was talking back. A couple of times, Cole started laughing, a new thing for him. Food for my soul. I was lucky enough to catch … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

The weather this weekend was spectacular. Neither hot nor cold, the perfect temperature to open the windows and the doors allowing the breeze to drift through the house and sweeping in the fresh scent. I love this type of weather, … Continue reading

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Foot in Mouth

A couple of weeks ago I bought some new software called Photoshop which enables you to doctor photos, enhance them, and create some special effects. I’ve been anxious to try out this new software and test it out with some … Continue reading

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Hottie wants to enter Little Man in a beauty contest. Yes, you read that right. The DADDY wants to enter the baby in the contest. He calls me up at work one day and tells me that he’s found this … Continue reading

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He’s a picture of Little Man chillin’ in his swing.

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I used to hate the rain. That was when I drove my little silver Saturn with the moonroof from hell. Every time it rained, it was like a waterfall flowing through the leak and gushing all over the driver’s seat … Continue reading

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I almost always forget that English is not Hottie’s first language. Sometimes, I’ll get reminded of that fact when I’m least suspecting it as in the case below. My phone at work rang.Me: Hello? (Not the way I answer the … Continue reading

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Grannie got this little horse for my nephew and now that he’s out grown it, its gone to Little Man. What do you think? Does he look ready to ride off into the sunset?

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Beau Games

Most mornings Beau follows me around the house while I’m getting ready for work. He’ll inevitably walk in front of me, almost cause me to trip and I’ll yell, “Beau! Get out of my way!” But there are quite a … Continue reading

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Okay, I know that Halloween is quite a ways off, but I’ve already ordered Little Man’s Halloween costume and had to share it with everyone. Check it out at here: Cole’s Costume He’s going to be so adorable!

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