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I’m too Sexy for my Coat…

I took Beau to the beauty shop on Saturday. I didn’t remember to get a really good Before shot, but I did have the one below to share. He’s slightly blurry because he was very intent on itching his back … Continue reading

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Bundle Up!

The weather is getting cooler here, so it’s time to bundle up! Time to put on a smile before braving the elements. And let’s not forget our winning attitudes either! Or cute shoes.

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Thank you

Well, it was our first Thanksgiving with Little Man. The day started out with work phone calls at an ungodly hour. Remember how I said this is my busy season? You can probably deduce that from my lack of posts … Continue reading

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And I Shall Wear Purple

This past week has been an exercise of exhaustion. Work has geared up with longer hours and I’ve come home mentally and physically exhausted to get more work calls at home as well. And to top it all off, there’s … Continue reading

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He’s so cute

When I first went back to work, I got a call from Hottie. “Hey, you didn’t leave his clothes out for the day. What did you want him to wear to go to Ms. Jennifer’s?” “You’re a big boy, babe. … Continue reading

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Treasures Found

Is there any better feeling that finding something that you weren’t even aware that you’d lost or forgotten about? A while back I finally decided to clean out the old purses that were collecting in my closet. I meticulously went … Continue reading

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Swinging through Life

This is Little Man chilling in his swing. He loves his swing and likes to lounge back and rest his arm on the side. He’s cool that way. He likes to investigate things he feels gets in his way. He … Continue reading

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Is this Edible?

Here’s Little Man on his favorite ride. He likes to play with all of the toys on it as you as see below.   This one is one of his favorite pieces. He likes to move the pieces back and … Continue reading

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Whips and Wipes

I received the following text message from Hottie today: Do i take jen a pack of whips.. Hmmm…. I called him. Of course I did. How could I resist? Me: Hey, babe. Hottie: Hey, babe. Me: So, did you take … Continue reading

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I came home from work today and pulled up to our house and the below is the image I saw when I arrived. My baby’s favorite ride parked next to my babe’s favorite ride. Notice the lone, forgotten sock underneath … Continue reading

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