Welcome to Parenthood

Hottie has an appreciation of what it feels like to be a stay at home parent. Much more so than most dads who work full time do, this I can assure you.

Hottie’s days off, for three weeks out of the month, fall during the week. He has Little Man on those days while I’m working. From the moment I leave for work at 7 AM until I get home at 6 PM.

Did I mention that Hottie has a whole new appreciation for the stay-at-home parent? Hottie has to feed Little Man, get him dressed for the day, and take care of whatever he has to take care of for that day, which includes, hopefully,  getting in a shower himself.

We’ve already established that Hottie gets a lot done on his days off, but now as Little Man gets bigger, and his naps get shorter, Hottie is finally beginning to understand the concept that so many of the rest have for quite some time.

The lack of hours in a day.

“I couldn’t get anything done today!” Hottie told me last night when I got home. “He wouldn’t let me do anything!” Even with this statement, Little Man was sitting on daddy’s lap grinning a gummy hello to me.

Hottie had planned to start remodeling our closet and has been studying, researching, and sketching out the plans for about a week now. This means, if all goes according to his plan, this time next week I’ll have a new closet for my clothes to call home. He had planned on starting the project on his days off this week.

But, like so many things when there’s an infant in the house, those plans got delayed or replaced because Little Man was demanding some daddy/son time.

And then there’s me, completely lacking in sympathy, right there to rub it in Hottie’s face like he did when I was on maternity leave or on my days off.

“Welcome to parenthood!”

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