Dr. Dreams

Hottie called me at work this morning and proceeds to tell me about a dream that he had. I was extremely busy and only listening with half an ear as he rambled on about how he was fighting in the dream with this guy who shot at him. In the dream, the guy got away and then he ran into him again. Hottie started fighting with him again, got control of the gun and proceeded to shoot the guy in the foot like the guy had shot him previously. GQ (one of Hottie’s good friends and his nickname for him, not mine) was yelling at Hottie to get him, get him!

“Yeah, it must’ve been a dream because GQ never would have yelled that.” I laughed. GQ is one of the most calm guys I have ever met and a good calming influence on Hottie’s hot-blooded nature.

Hmmm..hot-blooded Hottie.

Sorry. Got a little distracted there for a second with my own daydreams.

“I know!¬† That’s what was so funny! I don’t know why I’m dreaming about stuff like this.”

“Because you’re angry.” Hottie had had a bad day at work the day before and it was apparently showing up in his dreams. “You want to take your anger out on someone.”

Just call me Dr. Dreams.

“Yeah, I think that’s it.” A pause while he thought. “I think I need to buy one of those CDs that relaxes you. You know, where they tell you – relax, breathe deeply, love everyone.”

“Whatever. That’d never work.” I needed to get some work done, so I had to end the conversation. “Babe, I have to go.”

“Stupid A–” Hottie yelled. “Man, I hate when drivers don’t look where they’re going!”

“Gotta go. Love you!”

“Relax. Breath deeply. Love everyone.” I heard¬†Hottie mumbling to himself. “I think it’s already working.”

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