And I Shall Wear Purple

This past week has been an exercise of exhaustion. Work has geared up with longer hours and I’ve come home mentally and physically exhausted to get more work calls at home as well. And to top it all off, there’s Little Man waking up at 3, 4 or 5 in the morning wanting to eat and play. Waking up that early is rather unusual for him and he would pick this past week to do so.

Friday night was a great night to go meet up with some friends and unwind from the week. We went to a bar near the airport that features a slightly older crowd. The people watching was a sight to see!

Older ladies with their perfectly coifed white hair and the girls displayed in the best push up bras.  One woman was wearing a black sequined dress and was teetering around on heels.

But the best part? The absolutely best part?

One of my friends came back from the restroom and said, “There was a woman in there talking to one of her friends. She must have been in her sixties and she was dressed in this really low cut blouse and touching up her eyeliner. And she said to her friend, I can’t believe I can still draw a straight line.”

That’s where I decided to chill out on my first night out in a long time.

The company and the people watching made it all worth it.

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