I’m too Sexy for my Coat…

I took Beau to the beauty shop on Saturday. I didn’t remember to get a really good Before shot, but I did have the one below to share.


He’s slightly blurry because he was very intent on itching his back against my comforter. Notice the mischievious look in his eyes? My favorite thing when his hair gets long is the cowlick that sticks up in the middle of his head – that little tuft of hair just there? That’s how I know it’s time for the beauty shop.

He came back thinking he was too big for his britches. I could tell. Just by the way he flounced around acting like he was The Man.


Here’s his profile after he got his haircut. I can tell what he’s thinking.

Get this angle. I have a superior profile. I’ll look this way at the window, so she can get the full effect.


I’m too sexy for my coat…too sexy!


I’ll just lay here and look all innocent. Maybe she’ll give me a treat. Man, I’m cute!


I’m Master of the House! Ruler of My Domain! Kneel Before Me, human!


You gonna give me that treat now? I’ve been so good and sat so still… Mom? Please?

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  1. April says:

    I know what you mean! Izzy gets that yeah I’m the bitch strut after she takes a poop. It’s like she is walking on cloud nine.

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