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Bargaining with God

Do you ever bargain with God? I do. Or I should say that I attempt to.  It seems to be a very one-sided bargaining conversation. A lot of times I try to bargain for being a lotto winner. Please God, … Continue reading

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Close Ups

The great thing about having a super-duper camera is that you can take pictures like this. This is a straight out of camera shot. Or you can take some pictures like the weeping plant below. Or this one: Makes me … Continue reading

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Just Call Him Fast Fingers

Hottie and I were at the kitchen table this morning eating some breakfast cereal when Little Man hollered that he was done playing with his toy and to come and get him. I propped him up on one knee and … Continue reading

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Little Man is a rolling fool right now. Check him out below as he spots his toy. He starts rolling for it. Rollin’. And he keeps on goin’.

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Dr. Dreams

Hottie called me at work this morning and proceeds to tell me about a dream that he had. I was extremely busy and only listening with half an ear as he rambled on about how he was fighting in the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Parenthood

Hottie has an appreciation of what it feels like to be a stay at home parent. Much more so than most dads who work full time do, this I can assure you. Hottie’s days off, for three weeks out of … Continue reading

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January 1, 2009

It was ten minutes before midnight and Hottie was passed out asleep next to me with his mouth open. My mom sat on the other couch and we both watched the countdown on the TV as the New Year approached. … Continue reading

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Hello Lover

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Sit, Puppy, Sit!

Sitting like a good little puppy…   Woof. Woof. What do you think, Mom? Think you can rub my belly? Yes, please rub my belly. This is the life.

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