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Ice Skating

Christmas day ended up being different than we had planned. More details to come on that. But as we sat on the couch feeling sorry for ourselves, we had the television turned to one of the morning shows and Michael … Continue reading

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Santa’s Little Helper

Little Man got to meet Santa this weekend.  He even dressed the part of a little Elf. Notice how his Santa hat makes his ears stick out?   Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Needing a Little Something Funny

I was on my way out the door this morning when I had the following conversation with Hottie. Hottie: Babe, you need to write something funny on your blog. Me: Have you read the blog lately, babe? Hottie: It’s boring. … Continue reading

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Let it Snow!

I opened the door one morning and huge, fat flakes of snow were coming down. I was on my way to work, so I didn’t get to take more than a picture or two. The below picture doesn’t do it … Continue reading

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Little Man was playing on our floor yesterday when I noticed that he was pulling himself to all fours. I rushed to get the camera and snapped away. He managed to scooch backwards for a little while, which was quite … Continue reading

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My house looks like a hoarders home. Piles of clothes on hangers litter the floor, causing a maze that we have to walk through in order to get to the next room. Why the huge mess? Hottie is redoing our … Continue reading

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6 Months

This sweet boy has had a very busy couple of days. He turned six months old on Sunday, December 6th.   We put Little Man in his new highchair that we’ve only used once. The plastic on the seat makes … Continue reading

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Holiday Party

It’s the season for holiday parties. I went to a Holiday Party last night for work and I got dudded up. I thought I would share it with you.   On a completely different note, Little Man is 6 months old … Continue reading

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Beau The Protector

It was after Little Man’s nightly bath and I was drying off the little guy and getting him in his pajamas when Beau starting barking madly behind me. I glanced at him over my shoulder. His little furry body was … Continue reading

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There’s just something about feet that is so fascinating, isn’t there? Some people are easily grossed out by feet. And others? They learn that they have feet.   Feet becomes another toy. Something to reach out to.   To grab hold of. … Continue reading

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