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The Table

Hottie and I have been eyeing a dining room table at Sam’s Club for a while now. As with anything we fall in love with at Sam’s, we’ve found if we don’t buy it when we see it, then it’s … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day.  The day for lover’s to show their appreciation for each other. Our first Valentine’s Day Hottie made me stuffed lobster and gave me jewelry in a little box that was left on my place setting. My heart sped … Continue reading

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I opened my front door this morning to a winter wonderland.  After I got home from work this evening, and had a quick snow ball fight with all of my neighbors, I got out the camera and snapped away. Can … Continue reading

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Super Bowl

Here’s Little Man ignoring his dinner while he twists around trying to catch the Super Bowl. He was rooting for the Saints. That’s Mister Mike’s favorite team.

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Gene Simmons

What do all of these pictures have in common?           I’ve literally taken hundreds of pictures where Little Man is impersonating Gene Simmons.  He always, ALWAYS, has his tongue sticking out. I’ve had to resort to … Continue reading

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Shopping with Little Man

“Hey, babe.” “I was just at the store, buying Little Man some new shoes, and this woman stopped me.” Hottie told me. “Oh, really? What kind of shoes?” “Brown ones. You won’t believe what she said.” “What?” “What a cute … Continue reading

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Pulling Up

Little Man has a couple of new skills that he likes to show off every chance he gets. One of them is sticking his tongue out and making farting noises. He finds this very humorous and does it constantly. To … Continue reading

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