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The Closet – Part II

After we moved all of the clothes out of the closet, Hottie went to work tearing all of the ugly wire shelves down. And then he started on the left side screwing in the boards to the wall.  He had … Continue reading

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Are you laughing at me?

I’m going to interrupt the closet pictures for this funny story of my grandmother. It’ll be worth it, I promise. To give you a little background, my grandmother is a force to be reckoned with. She has single-handedly caused two … Continue reading

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The Closet – Part I

I mentioned a while back that Hottie was starting to redo our closet.  Our old closet consisted of the wire shelves that are found in a lot of new homes that the builders install because they’re cheap and easy to … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Car Seats

There are some things that never occur to you until you have a child. Today, let’s talk car seats. There are three major kinds of car seats – an infant seat that you can carry the baby around in and … Continue reading

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When I had Little Man, I received a package from my friends in Hong Kong that contained a couple of cute little outfits for him to wear. I loved that they cared enough to send something from so far away … Continue reading

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Bath Time

Little Man has graduated from his baby tub to the big boy tub. He loves it. He gets so excited that he’ll stand on the side of the tub, tighten his whole body up, and squeal with delight.   And … Continue reading

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Grannie Came to Town

Grannie came to town and got a hold of Little Man. She smothered him in kisses. And spoiled him rotten. Little Man ate it up. I remember when Hottie first met my mother. “Babe,” he told me, “you know how … Continue reading

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