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New Books Coming Soon

Lots of exciting things going on around here this summer. I have a novella that will be published in August, and another in October. As more details become available, I’ll be sure to post them here. Happy reading!

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Must Read Monday

I’ve been on a reading rampage lately, so I’ve pasted some links of books I’ve read below with comments. Clover Autrey’s latest, Extracted, kept me up until 3 AM. If you like the Maximum ride series by James Patterson, be … Continue reading

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Work in Progress

I’m in the process of migrating my old personal web page here, and making updates. You’ll notice quite a few updates over the next several days, so please bear with me.

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The Captain, part II

It’s different now. The sun has risen and set many times, and now I stand at the helm. He leans against the rail, gaze on the horizon. My white-knuckles grip the wheel. I’ve been sailing along quite contentedly for a … Continue reading

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Dressed Up

Little Man attended his cousin, Brianna’s, 15th birthday party. He insisted on dressing up so he wouldn’t embarrass her. Check him out. What do you think? Should I be worried about the girls during his teenage years?

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I’ve watched every season of American Idol except one – the season where Carrie Underwood won. This season I think they have some of the best singers the show has ever had. I realized tonight, an epiphany of sorts, just how … Continue reading

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Romance Part Deux

I decided to buy a little something to get the mood started. I spent lunch picking out a pretty nightgown and snuck it into the house when I got home. Little Man fell asleep at a reasonable hour and I … Continue reading

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I was driving to work shortly after the New Years thinking of my past resolutions.  Yes, I actually make New Year’s resolutions.  And even odder – I keep them. One year I decided to give up all soda for an … Continue reading

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The Captain

I’ve been neglectful of this online scrapbook of mine. I could ramble off all of the various excuses, but suffice it to say sometimes life just rears its ugly head in all of its Medusa-like glory. I’ll spare you the … Continue reading

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Hottie flipped through the channels last night and paused on a singing performance by 4TROOPS on the USS Intrepid. We sat and watched it for a few moments. Little Man paused in his industrious emptying of his diaper bag for … Continue reading

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