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The Captain, part II

It’s different now. The sun has risen and set many times, and now I stand at the helm. He leans against the rail, gaze on the horizon. My white-knuckles grip the wheel. I’ve been sailing along quite contentedly for a … Continue reading

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I’ve watched every season of American Idol except one – the season where Carrie Underwood won. This season I think they have some of the best singers the show has ever had. I realized tonight, an epiphany of sorts, just how … Continue reading

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The Captain

I’ve been neglectful of this online scrapbook of mine. I could ramble off all of the various excuses, but suffice it to say sometimes life just rears its ugly head in all of its Medusa-like glory. I’ll spare you the … Continue reading

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I’ve Caught the Wind

So much has been happening lately that blogging has slipped by the wayside. My apologies to my readers, or reader as I should say (Hi Mom!). We took a road trip to visit Grannie and Pa and had a marvelous … Continue reading

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Writing Time

Most people make resolutions each year and break them within a couple of weeks. Others make them and actually do all they possibly can to make their resolutions happen. One year I made the resolution to not drink any sodas … Continue reading

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Treasures Found

Is there any better feeling that finding something that you weren’t even aware that you’d lost or forgotten about? A while back I finally decided to clean out the old purses that were collecting in my closet. I meticulously went … Continue reading

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Bargaining with God

Do you ever bargain with God? I do. Or I should say that I attempt to.  It seems to be a very one-sided bargaining conversation. A lot of times I try to bargain for being a lotto winner. Please God, … Continue reading

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When I was a little girl, my best friend was named Elizabeth. We spent every spare minute together, lived our summers in our bathing suits out by the pool, listened to music together, and dreamed about what we’d do when … Continue reading

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